Erin Sweeney

Born and raised on Conesus Lake, I am a lifelong lover of making, collecting and learning about art.  After living all over the country and starting our family, Raff and I decided to move back to Western New York with the dream of starting our own business.   I love great design and the way the right frame can amplify its contents.  I specialize in conservation framing techniques; my main goal is to protect what I am framing and make it shine.


Raff Sweeney

Born in Ithaca, but raised in Longmont, Colorado, I have always loved to build things and I have a particularly annoying attention to detail.  Erin and I met at St. Lawrence University and got married several years after graduating.  After working for years as a geologist, Erin easily convinced me to go into business together and we haven't looked back.  I specialize in building the frames themselves and I always like to be challenged by 'out of the box' projects. 


Hazel DOg

Our resident greeter, and most beloved member of the Little Lakes team, Hazel spends her days on her bed underneath the corner samples.  She looks forward to seeing you soon.  Bonus points for customers who come bearing treats!